I have a date with spring·Drunk Beauty Xianlu Island Hiking 2018


       After two days of cloudy and rainy days, the sun is still warm and the spring is strong today. Our Zhixing company organized employees to participate in the "I have a date with spring·Drunk Beauty Xianlu Island Hiking 2018" event held in the town.
In order to better cooperate with the development of the activity, the company thoughtfully arranged buses to pick up and drop off the employees to and from the company and the hiking site, so that the employees could happily integrate into this healthy, enjoyable and meaningful activity.
    Starting from Wanqingyang Butterfly Square on foot, after a week around Xianlu Island, the end point is the Xianlu Island Tourist Service Center, with a total length of 13.8 kilometers. There are also "Meju Town", "Shuixiang Xianlu" and "Flower Fragrance Farm" ", "Country Holiday" and other theme points.
        The scenery along the way is beautiful, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant. We wear eye-catching red hats and hold high the bright Zhixing small flag. While hiking, we can feel the air and sunshine of nature, and listen to the stories of spring and flowers. The beautiful Xianlu Island makes people feel happy physically and mentally. Happy and forget to return.
       During the hike, everyone supported and encouraged each other. After several hours of unremitting efforts, everyone reached the finish line one after another and completed the 13.8-kilometer hike! the
Through this activity, everyone not only exercised their bodies, but also sharpened their will. We must also bring the spirit of perseverance and courage to work, and walk out of our bright future together!