Squeeze the bus and squeeze out the human touch!


        In order to create a civilized and harmonious public transport environment and advocate civilized courtesy of the public in the bus, in the morning of September 19, under the organization of Lishui Traffic Management Office and Guangfo Bus Lili Branch, our company Ji Xing participated in the fun activity of "squeeze the bus, squeeze out the human touch" held in Lishui Art Riverside.
        There were 8 teams participating in this activity, and each team had an exclusive time to parade on the field to show their style after the activity started. The 10 representatives of Wise Star Company were full of spirit and valiant, shouting out the slogan of "Civilized Ride, Be a Pioneer! The slogan of "Civilized Ride, Be a Pioneer!" won the warm applause of everyone present!
       The event site set up two 5.9 meters bus, each bus has contained 30 people, the participating teams need to squeeze on the bus within a time limit of 3 minutes, the final number of people on the bus wins. The rules of the game seems very simple, but the original 30 people are all "big men", has the bus crowded, want to squeeze on dozens of people, is very difficult!
        After a fierce competition, Wise Star people with the spirit of unity and mutual support to fight, orderly and unhurriedly squeeze on the bus, a small bus squeezed on 69 people, and finally won the third place!
        Bus is a city's "mobile business card", the purpose of holding this activity is to enhance the general public's awareness of civilization, hope that we can do civilized travel, green travel!