2016 Year-end Appreciation Party


In order to thank the company's staff for their hard work throughout the year, Wise Star held a meaningful year-end appreciation party on the evening of January 14, 2017.

[Opening Performance]


All the employees of Wise Star gathered together to share a feast! At the same time, the company prepared a thoughtful gift for each employee.
The dinner set up a lottery link, in addition to the makeup case, electric kettle, rice cooker, bicycle and other generous prizes, the site also has a number of cash prizes!
[Abundant Prizes]
[Award-winning employees are all smiles]
Although Mr. Tan was in Australia, he was very concerned about Wise Star, so he asked the host to convey his concern and blessing to everyone!
In the high enthusiasm of the staff, Shao, Tan, Gao, Gao's wife is the scene of the "code" tens of thousands of yuan, increased a number of cash prizes, the atmosphere of the whole scene to the climax!
[Sweepstakes site]
Joy with sweat, growth with hardship, performance to motivate the struggle, 2016 all the way to walk, thanks to you!
[Toast by company executives]
Looking ahead to 2017, opportunities and challenges coexist, difficulties and hopes coexist, the road to development is heavy and far, let's join hands and make further efforts, write a new chapter with hard work and sweat! Cheers!!!